New Zealand Blue Pearls

Created by a wonderful sea creature, the New Zealand paua (Abalone) a marine sea snail Haliotis iris - Blue Pearls are made up of thousands of layers of nacre and conchiolin secreted by each individual paua.

The colours of the Blue Pearl occur naturally, created by the genetic makeup of each individual paua, the colours and iridescence of their shell.

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New Zealand Blue Pearls
Jack Pawlowski

My name is Jack Pawlowski. I am the owner and founder of The Blue Pearl Gallery.

I am a European-trained master jeweller with 50 years of experience. During my career, I have worked as a teacher at a Jewellery High School in Poland and as a designer for the largest jewellery company in Europe—Pierre Lang—in Vienna, Austria.

I have lived in New Zealand since 1986 and founded the Blue Pearl Gallery not long after my arrival to this beautiful country with my wife and two daughters. Unfortunately, our Christchurch Blue Pearl Gallery was severly damaged in the Feb 22, 2011 quake and we had to find new premises.

The good news is that we re-opened in picturesque Akaroa! We are the very last building on the Main Wharf so you can't help but visit us. We warmly welcome you to browse in our Gallery and watch myself and Kaz at work.

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Blue Pearls have a chameleon quality, the colours change as they catch the light - liquid colours that almost have a life of their own.

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